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Matt Boyd

I first joined Air Age back in 2000 as a junior editor with several of the RC titles before shifting focus to help create Die Cast X Magazine -- of which I serve as Executive Editor. I love returning to my RC roots and contributing to RC Car Action whenever I can. When I'm not working on stories for DCX or RCCA I can often be found at the race track or the autocross course running my full-scale car!

Stories By Matt Boyd

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  • My Light Bar Is Three Dollar-Store Flashlights and I’m Not Embarrassed
    I’m not ashamed to tell you that I have a real thing for dollar stores. Off-brand snacks? I’m in. Weird bootleg toys? You know I’m into it. And stuff I can use for RC? Definitely. My usual dollar-store scores include microfiber cloths, zip-ties, parts boxes, and whatever I’m feeling in the candy aisle. I’m not […]

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